ZTE Whistleblowing Service
ZTE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "ZTE") has been adhering to ethics and integrity in the business, and is committed to building an open, transparent, compliant, integrity of the corporate culture. The company encourages and supports our staff, as well as suppliers, distributors, subcontractors, clients and other stakeholders to report suspected misconducts in violation of export control compliance requirements, anti-bribery compliance requirements, and data protection compliance requirements through the ZTE whistleblowing service.
To facilitate reporting with the assurance that reports made will be managed objectively and fairly, we have engaged Shanghai Qin Li Law Firm (a member of the Deloitte Legal global network, also known as "Qinli") to provide whistleblowing services as an independent third party.
ZTE Whistleblowing Service is operated and managed independently by Qinli. You can report anonymously or report with full disclosure, your information will be kept strictly confidential. All disclosure reports and information shall be kept by Qinli, and only reported to a panel designated by ZTE. Without consent of the person, the identity information of the whistle-blower will not be disclosed to ZTE. High level confidentiality standards, multi-level authorized access and data protection measures are deployed to ensure that the information provided by whistle-blowers is protected from divulgence and unauthorized access, modification or destruction.
The Company rewards whistle-blowers who provide clues to misconducts that are later verified as genuine by investigation. If it is not convenient to disclose your name when reporting, you can get a reward for reporting later if you inform them in a certain way afterwards and can prove to be the information provider. The company has zero tolerance for any form of retaliation. Any retaliation will be considered a serious breach of company compliance policy and will be subject to severe penalties up to dismissal.
If you discover any potential misconduct, report it immediately through the following channels, especially if you are facing difficulties in report through regular internal channels.
1. Online       Please click on the "Log a disclosure/suspicion" button on the Home Page
2. Email        Please send to:ZTEWhistleblowing@tip-offs.com.cn
3. Hotline      Please dial: (Mainland China) 400-0707-099 (Other countries/regions) +8621-3313-8584
*This hotline is open 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in Mandarin and English language and 24 hours and 7 days a week for voice mail access.
This is not an emergency service. Do not use this site to report incidents that pose a direct threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you need urgent help, please contact the appropriate government authority or department.